Spring 2017 Windermere Community Garden Dedication

Denise Trapani

Groundbreaking of the Windermere Garden.

April 22, 2017

The Boston Committee was very pleased to attend a groundbreaking for the Windermere Community Garden that is part of the revitalization on the Fairmont Indigo line corridor. The Boston Committee awarded the Trustees $25,000 as seed money that provided the impetus to raise the necessary funding.

Pictured, top: Denise Trapani of the Trustees very graciously thanked the Boston Committee at the Spring meeting. Bottom, Left to right: Barbara Millen, Leslie Will, Karen Gregg, Abby Coffin, Jean Fulkerson, Martha Stern, Janet Burn, Tish Meade, Sonja Yates, Sherley Smith, and Michelle Moon participated in the groundbreaking of the Windermere Garden.

Spring 2017 Award

We presented our Spring 2017 Beautification Award to Frederika Viekley for the development of Ramler Park on Peterborough Street; a project which involved a very successful collaboration between the neighborhood, the owners of the property, and the City of Boston.

Pictured, from left to right: Frederika Viekley, Governor and Kitty Dukakis.