Boston Bowl for Civic Improvement

This award recognizes the contributions of individuals and organizations who contribute to the improvement of Boston natural spaces:

1994 | Lynn Brickly (BHGC) and Gale Minot (CHGC)

1995 | Mrs. Brooks Brown, Jr. (PGC)

1996 | Mrs. G. Kennard Wakefield (NGC)

1999 | Mayor Menino, City of Boston

2000 | Justine Liff, Commissioner of Parks, Boston

2001 | Stella Trafford, one of the founders of the Friends of the Public Garden

2002 | Leo Levy, founder of Newton Pride

2003 | Henry Lee, Chairman of the Friends of the Boston Public Garden

2005 | Laurence Coolidge for clearing the Banks of the Charles River

2006 | Renata von Tscharner, founder of the Charles River Conservancy

2007 | Carol Stocker, Garden writer, Boston Globe

2009 | Margaret Pokorny, Back Bay Horticultural activist

2010 | Corliss Engle (posthumously) Master Horticulturalist and former Massachusetts Horticultural Association Trustee; and

2010 | Betsy Shure-Gross, founder, National Association for Olmsted Parks and the Charles River Watershed

2011 | Arabella Dane

2013 | Eugenia Beal, (posthumously) affectionately known as “the mother of parks and green space in Boston”

2015 | Antonia Pollack, Parks Commissioner, Boston

2017 | Governor and Kitty Dukakis for their unending support of the horticultural and conservation efforts

2019 | Marion Pressley for her leadership and ongoing contributions to numerous park projects in Boston and beyond

Beautification Awards

This award recognizes noteworthy projects created by Boston area businesses and residents:

2001 | Karen McCabe, creator of Sea Circle Gardens, Charlestown, MA

2002 | McDonalds in Dorchester

2003 | McGolf in Westwood, MA

2005 | Tom McNichol, for his work in cleaning up Charles River

2007 | Community Outreach Design for pro bono design for Neighborhood House Charter School in Dorchester

2011 | Boston University for its work on Commonwealth Ave

2013 | China Altman, founder of the Rose Brigade in the Public Garden

2015 | Friends of Post Office Square

2017 | Fredericka Veikley for her leadership in the creation of Rambler Park

2019 | Ben Taylor, Chair Emerald Necklace Conservancy for 20 years of effective leadership